Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

▸ What are Roomettes?

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▸ Can I add furniture and other details the rooms?

You betcha! For those who like to detail their rooms with 3D objects, we’ve designed many of the 2D images of furniture on the walls to make them easy to hide with your own detail parts. If you’d like furniture in your Roomettes, why not take on the challenge of scratchbuiding some of your own? Check our tips and tricks page for ideas.

▸ Can I use Roomettes in a different building than they were designed for?

Well, yes and no. You can mix and “kit bash” rooms just like you would with any kit. However, be aware that window openings and graphics on the walls of Roomettes may not match those on the building you are putting them into. Our kit #01-114-01 Banfield Flats is more generic than others, since it does not have windows in the sidewalls.

▸ Can I power Roomettes LEDs directly with 12 volts DC?

Yes. The LEDs include a built-in resistor. However at 12 volts you will likely find them too bright to give you a realistic effect on your layout, and dimming them is a bit more complex than just lowering the voltage. You will probably want to use a circuit from Woodland Scenics, NCE, Model Train Technology or other manufacturer to control them.

▸ I already have buildings that have Woodland Scenics Just-Plug® lighting in them. Are those LEDs compatible with Roomettes?

Yes. We have made at least one hole in the ceiling of each kit large enough to accept a Just-Plug® LED. You’re welcome!

▸ Do you ship to countries other than Canada and the United States?

Fershure. Just send us a note via our contact page. Tell us the following three things: (1) which kits you want to purchase, (2) the address and phone number where you’d like them sent, and (3) the email address associated with your Paypal account. We will calculate the extra shipping and send a Request for Payment via Paypal. If you order $50US or more in Roomettes product you will receive a credit for $4.50US on shipping.

▸ Are Roomettes available in scales other than HO and N?

We’re workin’ on it! So far we’ve created one prototype for an O-scale design. Since an O-scale Roomettes kit can be up to four times the size of HO it would be a challenge to fit it into an envelope for shipping. But we have a solution we’re working on. Apart from this we have no plans for making Roomettes for other scales at this time.

▸ How do I know which Roomettes kit will fit the buildings I have?

We will be making a chart available soon. You will be able to check the left-hand column in the chart for the kit you own. The suitable Roomettes kit will be shown on the right. (Coming soon)