Project Package – Stewart’s Hobby Shop

$113.45 USD

Looking for a project to light up your life?  Our Project Packages have everything you need to get started.

  • Roomettes 01-105-01 – Stewart’s Hobby Shop kit (includes 3 rooms and 3 LEDs with plugs, store counter, model railroad display, shelves)
  • Woodland Scenics/DPM 10500 – Skip’s Chicken and Ribs
  • Woodland Scenics Just-Plug 5701 – Light Hub
  • Woodland Scenics Just-Plug 5770 – Power Supply
  • Woodland Scenics Just-Plug 5631 – Arched Cast Street Lights (3/pkg)
  • Gem-Tac – .17 ounce glue

Paint and glue for building assembly, and figures not included.

TIP:  An outdoor sign for Stewart’s Hobby Shop is available in City Classics’ #850 Storefront Sign Kit

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Rooms are laser-cut printed cardstock for a precision fit. No measuring or complex cutting is required.  Just separate them from the card, fold and glue. Attach the LEDs provided and glue the rooms into your buildings. Then sit back and enjoy your light show.

Recommended tools and supplies: X-ACTO knife, Gem-Tac glue, adhesive tape, and Popsicle stick or other burnishing tool.