Just Plug® Lighting Starter Pack #1

$87.95 USD

  • Power package with output ports for 11 Woodland Scenics Just Plug accessories
  • No complicated wiring or soldering required. Plug’n’play operation.
  • Variable dimmer controls allow you to control the brightness of the LEDs
  • Modular and expandable – Add more Hubs and Port Sharing Devices as required
  • Includes Just Plug 5701 Light Hubs (2), 5702 Expansion Hub, 5681 Port Sharing Device and 5770 Power Supply
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Woodland Scenics Just Plug provides a complete, quick and easy way to add realistic lighting to your model railroad. The modular design allows easy, customizable expansion with individual dimmer controls to regulate LED brightness. It is easy to combine and add accessories like Vehicles, Street Lights and Wall Mount Lights.  The 5681 Port Sharing Device expands the output of one port to four outputs. The 5770 Power Supply will power your hub(s) and up to 50 lights on your light system.

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