Roomettes 10-pack with Just Plug Accessories

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Here’s a fast and easy way to get started with lighting for your DPM buildings.  Buy 10 of our popular Roomettes kits and we’ll throw in over $50 in FREE Just Plug Accessories.   Great value, for a limited time only.

  • 10 Roomettes kits with LEDs (see description below for full list)
  • Woodland Scenics Just-Plug 5701 – Light Hub
  • Woodland Scenics Just-Plug 5770 – Power Supply
  • Woodland Scenics Just-Plug 5681 – Port-Sharing Device
  • Gem-Tac – .17 ounce glue

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Rooms are laser-cut printed cardstock for a precision fit. No measuring or complex cutting is required.  Just separate them from the card, fold and glue. Attach the LEDs provided and glue the rooms into your buildings. Then sit back and enjoy your light show.

Recommended tools and supplies: X-ACTO knife, Gem-Tac glue, adhesive tape, and Popsicle stick or other burnishing tool.

Package includes:

01-101-01    Mongillo Jewellers, fits Woodland Scenics/DPM 10100 – Kelly’s Saloon/Big Deal Pawn/US Post Office
01-102-01    The Paint Pros, fits Woodland Scenics 10200 – Robert’s Dry Goods
01-103-01    Signal Brewery, fits Woodland Scenics/DPM 10300 – Cutting’s Scissors
01-107-01    Ohio Shipping, fits Woodland Scenics/DPM 10700 – Freight Depot/Railway Express Agency
01-109-01    Banfield Street #1, fits Woodland Scenics/DPM 10900 – Townhouse #1/Main St. Apartments/Valley Apartments
01-111-01     Banfield Street #3, fits Woodland Scenics/DPM 11100 – Townhouse #3/Grand House/River Pass Apartments
01-112-01    Atlas Taxi, fits Woodland Scenics 11200 – City Cab Co. / Rhodes
 Wholesale Tire / Dryden #2
01-116-01    Ashby Auto Parts, fits Woodland Scenics/DPM 11600 – Carr’s Parts/Don’s Hardware
01-118-01    The Bookworm, fits Woodland Scenics/DPM 11800 – 1st National Bank
01-119-01    Arlington Hotel, fits Woodland Scenics/DPM 11900 – M.T. Arms Hotel