Tips and Tricks

What are Roomettes?

Roomettes reviewed on TrainMasters TV

Miles Hale reviews Roomettes on a segment of The Backshop Clinic on TMTV.

Tip: Power to the people

Roomettes bring life to your buildings. And you can bring more life to Roomettes by including human figures in your rooms. Make sure they’re glued securely, since it’s almost impossible to access them after you’ve installed your room in the structure.

Tip: Holding window glass in place

If you’ve ever had window glass fall out of a building because it was improperly glued then you know how frustrating that can be. Roomettes can help. If you glue the room to adjacent walls it will serve to pin the glass in the structure so it will never be able to fall out. Sweet.

Tip: Adding a bed

You’ll find that some Roomettes kits have headboards in the bedrooms. You can quickly add a bed by carving a rectangular shape from blue or pink styrofoam. We’ve even shaped styrofoam into shapes such as pillows. Paint them to match the room decor.

Tip: Exterior lighting first

If you are adding lights to the exterior walls of a structure, don’t forget to install them before you add your Roomettes. It’s just a lot easier to do while the inside of the building is empty.

Tip: Let your light shine

Consider cutting out the doors of your structures and modelling windows in an open position. That way viewers can see more of what’s inside. And you know what they say: it’s what’s inside that counts.